2024 NOTE: There is some uncertainty about our Rockwood location. And, in addition to seeking other locations as the desire and demand for Twinkle’s ministry expands, our Kineo-based location may also change. As things take shape, this year will be transitioning this webpage page to its original Kineo Sanctuary webpage at Twinkle’s Place website. This is the religion, church and spiritual centers for Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning’s interfaith ministry. It includes a variety of offerings including, retreat, art, music and media ministries as well as wedding ministry and weekly services.


We draw our faith from many sources as set out in the principles of Living Life as a Prayer. We honor each individual’s right to explore their spirituality and to identify that which they personally call Holy and Sacred and True. We believe in freedom of religion and personal agency over one’s body, mind and spirit.

We express our faith in the sharing and writing of stories, poems, prayers and musings. We draw comfort from times of solitude as well as times gathered in community. We recognize the human need for spending time in Nature as a spiritual practice, and the importance of establishing lifestyles that honor the Earth, the environment and the creatures residing therein. We rejoice in expressions of worship that include art, music, silence, prayer and contemplation of the great mysteries. We honor the great mysteries of life and we also believe in biology. We endeavor to share our principles with the communities in which we live. We value our friendships and our families, and hold both as sacred in love.

We recognize the liturgical seasons of neighboring faiths and is especially attuned to honoring the Christian, Pagan, and Esoteric calendars of holy days by observation, participation and facilitation of interfaith services. Within our own tradition, we honor the cycles and seasons of the Earth, as well as the cycles and seasons of our bodies, marking milestones and thresholds with ritual. We also have our own designated sacred Holy Days, including Sundays and Mondays (for clergy) as our weekly Sabbath Days. We believe in living a Sabbatical Lifestyle.

We are incorporated in the State of Maine as a nonprofit organization.

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The Church of Kineo is also known sometimes as The Religious Society of the Divine Echo (RSOTDE) based on one of Rev. Manning’s seminal teachings. Some of its branches and projects include: TV for Your Soul, Matrika Press and Twinkle’s Place offerings, which is the center of this spiritual movement. Each and all are part of Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning’s ministries.

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